Off To A Flying Start – 2021!

The race is on…..buyers are well and truly sprinting to secure that prized property purchase and take advantage of the current incredibly low interest rate environment…and why not? 

Interest rates at lowest levels in over 100 years
Government incentives with stamp duty savings up to $1 million purchase price
First home buyer incentives with no stamp duty to $600k purchase price Additional incentives for new construction in regional areas
Relaxed qualifying criteria  
Plenty of reasons to fuel buyer interest as well as competition and some would argue, property prices!


The RBA kept the cash rate unchanged this month which was no surprise citing that economic growth has been stronger than expected. Unemployment has fallen below 6.6% which is a real bonus, however still caution a bumpy road ahead with experts touting that CPI anticipated to be well under 2% for the next couple of years at least.
So what does this all mean you ask?
If you plan on buying real estate, then you are going to be helping the economy recover whilst borrowing money at never-before-seen low rates. A real win-win! If you plan on selling real estate, then you may most likely benefit by the current recovery trend and strong buyer appetite and get a better-than-expected sales price.
If you plan on building a new home, you have all sorts of government incentives to do so - these benefit you, as well as the community at large by fostering jobs etc.  
Every step you take with property in 2021 is likely to contribute to the ‘greater good’ overall!

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As always, enjoy life, work hard, play safe and remember that we are always here to help you

‘Take the Confusion Out of Lending’ 

All the Best

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