Property – a Great Investment at Any Age

For many people in their 20s, buying a house may seem like the last thing they would want to do.

Being young is all about being carefree and unattached and not having the big responsibilities like a family of your own and home loans… right?

Well to each their own of course! Yet anyone concerned about their financial future cannot discount the benefits of buying property as a long-term investment.

First up, if you are currently renting, consider for a second that your monthly rental payments could instead be going towards your ownership stake in a house you own.

Rather than disappearing into someone else’s bank account, your money would be invested into a house that you could later sell or the equity of which you could use to secure finance for another purchase.

A property is also an attractive investment because you can borrow most of its value – up to 95 per cent in some cases – when purchasing it. You can’t say that about many other investment options.

And of course, if a big thing stopping you from buying property is the thought of future travels – you can always put your house on the rental market and get tenants to help you pay your mortgage!

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