Refinancing - Why You Should Bother

There’s no doubt you’ve noticed the continual banter about refinancing all over the media in recent months. And for good reason – with interest rates at absolute historic lows, there’s never a better time to review your financial plans and goals and how your current mortgage is placed to support those goals. There is a myriad of competitive loan options been presented to the market by lenders – when you could be lowering your monthly repayments, saving on interest and improving your overall financial position by updating or switching to a more competitive home loan– why wouldn’t you??!

Apart from the fabulous benefit of potentially saving thousands of dollars in interest paid on your mortgage, refinancing your current home loan may also provide other opportunities to save, invest or make your money go further - opportunities such as a loan product with greater or more useful benefits than the existing loan e.g.

  • Redraw facility, lower banking fees etc
  • Fixing part of the new loan at super-low rates, which ‘future-proofs’ that portion of the loan against possible interest rate rises and starts saving you money immediately
  • Raising more funds to renovate or extend your home
  • Consolidating smaller debts such as credit cards or car loan at a significantly lower interest rate
  • Unlocking available equity in your current home or investment property to invest further

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should bother looking into your refinance options. You may not even have to switch lenders – depending on your goals and what loan products your current lender has to offer; you may be able to update your existing loan to a more competitive rate or product with your existing bank.


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