Renovation Bliss

Budget - it’s one word that strikes fear and loathing into the hearts of almost anyone with a renovation dream.

Dealing with the dreaded b’ word is not something most people are equipped to do on their own. That’s because renovating is not something most people do or pay for every day let alone knowing all the costs associated with starting a renovation or DIY project.

By investing a small amount of money, very little effort and virtually no time you can have an interior designer deliver a professional level design with drawings, as well as the project planning effectively killing two birds with one stone design and budget that is!

That means you’ll indirectly access all the great contacts a designer has for quality, cost effective manufacturing or trade work it’s the kind of value that’s worth gold.

From there you’ll know exactly what everything is going to cost before you start that empowers you to proceed with the project to suit your life and finances.

But by getting your budget organised early on you will be empowered to make good decisions about your financial future. Plus your budget is a good tool for getting top value for your money.

Concerns about overspending and expensive mistakes are usually at the forefront of most renovators minds. It’s those worries that’ll usually lead to assuming your budget wouldn’t allow you to have a good design, from a professional designer.

This is Symptoms of budget madness can manifest in the delusion that you’ll be the first person to achieve a champagne design or look at a bottled water price. That can lead to some real problems with your project and its ultimate costs financial and otherwise.

Celebrating your completed project will be all the sweeter when you’ve don’t it without a financial hangover and yes - that is possible!

Alex Honey- Interior Designer, Sterling Interiors