Renovation Tips & Tricks

Are you the kind of person that dreams of a house painted in different shades of pink and yellow with brown shag pile carpet throughout? Well you know what - if you're planning on sitting on that property for a solid amount of time and making it your home, then you do you! Be bold with your choices, it's your home after all. 

However, if you're thinking about doing some renovations to improve the value (or even just the chances of selling it) you may want to put down the shocking pink paint tin and elect for something a bit more palatable - eggshell anyone? 

I should preface this by saying, I'm not an expert. I don't flip houses for a living and the last time I was involved with a renovation Britney and Justin were wearing a 'that' double denim matching outfit on the red carpet. I just really like renovation TV shows, spending all my free time on Pinterest and often dream about buying a run down shack in Sydney's Inner West and renovating the whole thing.



You don't want to over spend, it will defeat the purpose! Think outside the box and spend lots of time at Bunnings. Bathroom fixtures, tile paint, bath paint, door handles, kitchen cupboard paint - the list of cheap and cheerful things you can do to upgrade is endless! And some can be done yourself, rather than paying a laborer, which is a win!  

Think Simple

Can you rip up some old shabby carpet to expose beautiful floor boards that just need some TLC after being hidden since the 60's? Could the whole house do with a basic paint update? Could you hire a high water pressure cleaner to clean up your outdoor area and bring your paving back to it's former glory? Could you remove the 'retro' 1960's flower curtains and replace them with fresh, neutral ones from Kmart? It doesn't have to cost thousands! 

Add space 

Got a little area that could be transformed into a storage space? Or is there a pesky (and structurally redundant) random wall what could be removed to open up an area to create more space? Remember - light colours create the illusion that a room is bigger - while dark colours can make you feel like you're in a teeny tiny box. 

Know your market 

Is your neighborhood surrounded by primary schools, parks and mums in Volvos? Or are there no shortage of hipster cafes selling $20 avocado on toast at every corner? Whatever situation you're in, do your research and cater to that market. If families are who you need to appeal to, you might spend more time and money inside on bedrooms, study areas and living spaces. If it's young couples with french bulldogs, you may want to spend time on the entertaining areas. 

Neutral, neutral, neutral 

If you are renovating - it's not about you! Neutral tones are always the way to go, it'll let prospective buyers imagine how their furniture will look like in the space. If (like me) you are a bit of a colour addict and the idea of having everything monochrome and eggshell on all the walls make your heart sad, put colour in your soft furnishings! Cushions, blankets, rugs and artwork are all things you can add that are relativity inexpensive (Kmart, Big W and Spotlight are winners in this area) that will bring pop's of colour to the space and as a bonus, you get to take them with you when you leave!