Royal Commission, mortgage broking and the big four banks.

There’s been a lot of commentary in the media about the role of a broker and our relationship with banks now the Royal Commission into Financial Services is underway.

Loan Market brokers do not work for a bank. In fact, Loan Market is not a bank, nor is it owned by a bank. We’re a home-grown Australian company - still proudly family owned and led.

The wonderful thing about being a family business is that families take care of families. And that’s what Loan Market has been doing for 25 years - helping Australians find the right loan for their goals and importantly, each unique situation.

While we’re not owned by a bank, we do have one of the biggest lending panels. This means when you refer to us, your clients can select from over 30 lenders, from the Big 4 to the smaller lenders - all in one place. It’s our job as brokers to keep the market competitive for your customers and negotiate with all the lenders on their behalf. It creates vital competition to keep the industry fair for all Australians. 

A broker’s livelihood is reliant on positive referrals from customers. We live for securing the right finance. In fact in 2017, Loan Market helped over 21,000 Australians secure finance - and those people were happy with the service they received with 9 out of 10 customers recommending Loan Market’s service to family and friends. Plus, our score on is 4.8 out of 5 stars and has been for 5 years - it’s the highest score in our field.

At Loan Market, we are committed to working for the customer, every time.