Saved $1,200 p/mth

Debt Consolidation

A client approached me recently who needed my help.

Their credit card debt was out of control and as a result, they couldn't sleep at night due to the stress it was putting on their family. They were at breaking point.

Adding to this problem was the fact they were paying an excessive rate on their current home loan.

The solution? I refinanced their home loan, whilst also consolidating nearly $30,000 worth of credit card debt into the home loan.

The outcome? The family saved $1,200 per month in repayments! Not to mention a new home loan with a market leading interest rate.

They now have their work/life balance back in order, are saving $1200 per month, have NO credit card debt and are getting a good nights sleep!

With Christmas just around the corner, call me to ask for a home loan health check.