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1 June 2021

FASTRefi changes

Effective Monday 7 June 2021, the below changes will apply to the Priority Refinance (FASTRefi) process:

  • The loan amount threshold requiring First Title underwriting will increase from $1.5m to $2m.
  • The use of Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) will be allowed for FASTRefi applications as an alternative to providing loan statements.
  • A one-month interest only payment buffer is being added back into the payout figure calculation.

The FASTRefi calculator in BrokerHub will be updated to incorporate these changes.

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Fixed Rate Lock-In process

Fixed Rate Lock-In* allows your clients to secure an advertised Fixed Interest Rate for up to 90 days before their new Fixed Rate Home Loan settles. Fixed Rate Lock-In is available from the pre-approval stage of the loan application.

Find out more on how to apply Fixed Rate Lock-In to a St.George home loan.

BrokerHub updates

We are listening to your feedback and are continually making updates and improvements to BrokerHub to make it a better experience for you. Below are recent changes we have made to BrokerHub functionality:

  • Customer name added to email subject lines.
  • Missing information flag added.
  • Increase login attempts to 3 attempts.
  • Password extension to 90 days.
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