Supporting You To Be Amazing

As a busy broker, it might feel like your to-do list is never-ending, spending more time on admin than doing what drives you, such as gathering and converting leads. At Loan Market we’re able to take a lot of this work off your plate so you can devote more time to the big picture and growing your business.

We can help you increase your productivity and revenue using our innovative tools and systems. Our internally developed intuitive back-office system, used by hundreds of brokers, will equip you with everything you need to grow. It covers Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Commissions Management, Loan Information Management, Workflow and Processes, Business Intelligence Insights, Accounting, and Compliance. You’ll also be able to submit your loan applications to lender online systems quickly and easily.

We have developed Connect Leads Manager, a purpose-built leads management system, so you won’t need to worry about opportunities slipping through the cracks. This system is an easy way for you to keep track of your leads and their individual progress. The transparent nature of it even encourages referrals from your referral partners (such as real estate agents, accountants and solicitors) as it allows them to keep track of their own referrals and any potential commission they could receive.

We have introduced an award winning remote personal assistant solution which is available to you. It allows you to send time consuming loan applications to our team to complete on your behalf, freeing up your time so you can focus on other areas of your business.

You can save time by taking advantage of our marketing offering, which covers both digital and traditional marketing. You’ll receive a personalised Loan Market branded website without the hassle of having to build or design it yourself; access to a comprehensive suite of personalisable branded marketing templates; access to an easy to use email marketing system; and support in other areas such social media, industry award submissions, public relations and video.

So you can see how you’re tracking with your clients, we’ve implemented NPS Customer Satisfaction Ratings. This system makes it easy for you to receive valuable honest feedback by encouraging clients to share their experiences, allowing you to discover areas for improvement and identify who your biggest advocates are.

We can help take you through the steps of building a successful referral partnership to further increase business outcomes. Our brokers have an exclusive partnership with Ray White, financing an average 18% of deals inside a Ray White office - it’s a relationship worth establishing!

Whether you’re just entering the market or are an experienced broker, Loan Market is able to offer a high level of support throughout your career.