Take the plunge and have some fun

With the Aussie backyard shrinking, plunge pools are increasing in popularity. This month we spoke to Narellan Pools General Manager, Chris Meyer to dip our toes into why plunge pools are so hot right now and how to make them work for your home.

Australians are becoming increasingly sophisticated with their homes, and are drawn to simple lines and elegant design.

Our most popular pool is The Symphony, a classic rectangular shape. As many of our clients come with young families, child-safety is paramount. If you have young children, look for a pool with a ledge around the perimeter, gradual depth for wading and learning to swim, non-slip surfaces and steps with seating ledge along the length of the pool. And, of course, make sure your pool is fully fenced.

We’ve recently noticed a shift in the size of pools. Whilst we cater for all backyard sizes, urban researchers are finding that for the majority of new homes, owners are sacrificing backyard in favour of bigger homes; in other words, the typical Australian backyard is shrinking.

So it’s no surprise that the plunge pool is on the rise in terms of pool trends. Plunge pools provide the perfect ‘cool down’ dip in summer as well as a sophisticated water feature year round.

Chris Meyer from Narellan Pools give us his expert tips to consider when installing your Plunge Pool

  • Heating - Installing the right pool heater can extend your swimming season by up to four months and beyond, therefore it is important to consider the best heating option for you.
  • Solar - Undeniably the most environmentally friendly option of all, solar pool heating operates by using the energy of the sun.
  • Heat pumps - Reliable, highly efficient and economical to run, heat pumps extract heat from the air (similar to a reverse cycle air conditioner), and use that heat to produce hot water.
  • Gas - Gas heaters are the fastest method for heating your pool, providing a comfortable temperature for swimming on demand.

Low maintenance: Today, clients would prefer to focus on their dream pool without being overwhelmed by pool maintenance. For this reason complete pool packages, consisting of the sanitation unit, pump and filter and perfect for those with busy lives. Look for a sanitation units that is self-cleaning, meaning you rarely, if ever, need to clean the cell. <p dir="ltr">Water options: Gone are the days of a heavily chlorinated pool. Today, there are number of refreshing water options on the market including salt infused and magnesium based mineral pools designed to heal as you swim. These options can be gentle on the eyes, the environment and your hip pocket, so be sure to investigate what’s available.</p> Keen to make a pool part of your outdoor space? It’s vital to know exactly what budget you’re playing with - before you finalise your pool wish list. Only then can you be confident in what you can afford, and put your plans into action quickly. Contact me to take the legwork out of financing your pool plans.