The 5 biggest areas of concern for First Home Buyers

Having assisted first home buyers secure there new home over the past 15 years it has given me insights into the key questions which need to be addressed. My home loan clients have been in areas as diverse as Brunswick, Coburg and Pascoe Vale through to Fawkner and Craigieburn. I even have a number of clients from Sunbury to Whittlesea. Despite the diversity the questions remain the same.

To be sure I surveyed all my current and past clients and the results were as follows:

Location: Where should I live and what facilities should I be looking for.

Affordability: What can I afford, what will my repayments be?

Loan Amount: How much can I borrow?

Deposits: How much savings do I need?

As a general rule I spend about an hour with my clients really understanding their requirements and answering all the questions on buying your first home. In addition I cover a few things they probably never thought about but are important.

Feel free to contact me if you would like some help on your journey to buy your first home.