The benefits of using a mortgage broker

People sometimes wonder why they should use a mortgage broker when purchasing a property, and what’s in it for them. We are proud to say that you can only gain from using a mortgage broker!

First of we can meet with you at a time thats convenient to you. You don’t have to walk from bank to bank, during business hours, lining up in cues. It’s very convenient and easy using a mortgage broker.

We meet to determine your current situation, and find a range of products specific to your circumstances. Everyone is unique, and your loan should be as well.

We will compare 1000’s of products, and will offer advice on which lender to go with. And best of all the final choice will be yours. As a highly efficient team we will source the best structure and interest rate to suit your specific circumstance, due to our relationship with the banks and due to greater buying power.

We will assist you along the way, offering advice, guidance and support, and will do a lot of the leg work for you. This not only includes liaising with the lenders, but also the conveyancers, solicitors, real estate agents, and so on. This is particularly helpful if you are buying a property for the first time, and your head is spinning!

Not all brokers have the same efficiencies, by linking with our team you will likely build a long term relationship. We will look after you for the life of your loan through on going reviews, and make sure you’re always in the right position financially. We pro-actively stay in contact with you, regularly checking that you have the right mortgage from the right lender.

It really pays to use a successful mortgage broking team which is the reason we look forward to working with you!