The call of the customer leads to successful career change

A former founder of a Not-for-Profit has achieved success in the mortgage industry, transferring the problem-solving skills that readied thousands of people for the workforce to now, helping borrowers achieve their finance goals.

Melbourne-based Nathan Hawes has already made an impression in his first two years in the industry, taking out Aussie Home Loans’ National Rising Star award. 

Looking to take his business to its full potential, Nathan has now joined Loan Market as a franchisee in Melbourne.

“I was drawn to Loan Market because its [Corporate] team really champions your business and focuses on growing it,” said Mr Hawes.

“I have 15-years in business ownership behind me so I’m very comfortable dealing with the requirements that come with [ownership] such as the financial and budgetary measures.

“I’m enjoying running my own business again while still being able to work directly with clients which was something I unfortunately did less and less of in my former career.” 

Mr Hawes’ former NFP business improved the employability of low-skilled workers via a network of cafes.

After founding the social enterprise, demand for its services grew rapidly.

“I was originally working directly with clients, having a real contribution in their personal development and opportunities for employment. 

“But as the company grew so quickly, the role transformed into more of a management position where I was just managing staff - I no longer had the chance to connect with the people we were serving.

“With broking, I’ve returned to working directly with clients. I love connecting with people and developing long-term relationships. When you’re helping clients in a face-to-face environment, you get to see the direct outcome of your contributions which, in broking, is helping them purchase property.”

Mr Hawes said Melbourne’s property market was performing strongly, with high levels of enquiry from clients.

“I’ve found the last two months, people that have been thinking about purchasing are starting to put their plans into action.

“For instance, a client I met in July decided to purchase in December and settled in January.

From what I can see at open houses there’s a lot of interest. But with a lesser amount of properties on the market compared to this time last year, it’s increasingly important for clients to have their finances in order to be competitive in the marketplace.”