The Classic Look

By Alex Honey, Sterling Interiors

If trendy fashion-based interiors aren't your thing and you long for timeless appeal, enduring quality and some understated luxury - the classic style is the look for you.

The classic look is all about symmetry so starting with a well-proportioned room is essential. The ideal classic styled room will have all the doors and windows symmetrically positioned; without order in the bones of the room your classic style can become a bit of a challenge.

If you are blessed with a symmetrical layout, great, your classic look will now depend on introducing the very best quality in furniture, fabrics and decorative accessories, as well as a strict approach to arranging your room.

The success of your room will demand that you maintain a consistent level of quality in everything you select for your space. This is not a look that will let you get away with introducing random elements or substandard bits of furniture. The upside in purchasing quality classic items is that you have automatically bypassed the fashion date stamp.

A classic look is unsurpassed for introducing a feeling of quality, substance and grace into a home. Working well in homes of any age, the classic style can easily adapt to incorporate modern elements and contemporary finishes so it will never end up looking old, stuffy or fluffy.

Furniture can be a mix of authentic antiques, antique reproduction or more modern styles. However it must be the best quality your budget will allow and be arranged symmetrically.

The secret to the classic style's appeal is that it juxtaposes strong masculine lines with lighter, graceful more feminine ones, for example: an imposing upholstered bed, flanked by two bedsides with gracefully curved legs and handles with clever detailing.

This is a very grown up' look and requires restraint when it comes to decorative accessories and embellishment. Keep the overall look clean while adding small touches of interest in understated details - always allowing the quality of the materials to shine through and speak for themselves.

Key Characteristics of a Classic Style

  • Symmetry
  • Architectural features
  • Good-quality materials
  • Elegant furniture
  • Sparing use of strong colour or contrast with furnishings

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