The Friday habits of the most successful brokers

Priding herself on great communication and exceptional customer service, Doreen Lehmann is one of our successful brokers working out of Victoria. She’s let us in on what her Friday routine looks like.

7 am - Fridays tend to be my “tidy up the week and prepare for the weekend day”. It is also my day for networking, catching up with referral partners, BDMs etc. I find that I am getting pretty tired by Friday so I start the day with social media. I am usually in my office by 7am, coffee in hand and sitting at my computer. I have a one and a half hour window until staff start to arrive.

First tasks are my Loan market Facebook and instagram. I always like to celebrate my successes and provide value to my customers/potential customers with my posts.

I post photos of clients who have purchased or settled during the last week, information about our upcoming workshops for first home buyers and investors as well as general information.

Once these are updated I have a look at other types of marketing; flyers and eventbrite set up for workshops.

8.30 am - By this time my staff have started to arrive and the office becomes a buzz.

At this stage I do a daily rundown on files and priorities for the day with my main PA to ensure we are all over the day’s plan.

09.30 - 11 am is spent on emails and phone calls.

Lunch is generally a meeting with a referral partner, either existing or potential.

After lunch I check in with my PA again to ensure settlements etc. are under control and if she has anything we need to go over.

I have a look at the open lists that Ray White have sent through and ensure we have everything covered for opens/auctions over the weekend.

Occasionally I will see a client at 4-5 pm but generally I am finished by 4 and try to finish early for a change. I try not to see clients on a Friday unless it is a loan doc sign up or a brief catch up with an existing client.

I rarely work on files on a Friday because I am tired from the week and the office is often quite a hive of activity with everyone finalising settlements and tasks before the weekend.

If i do have files to be worked on I will generally work on Saturday morning while the office is quiet.

For Doreen, being organised is a key move to being successful. Utilising the last day of the working week to plan ahead and forecast for Saturday allows her to be prepared to transit into the following week. Because a great leader understands the importance of balance between work and play, Doreen uses the last day of the week to focus on marketing and have a more relaxed office environment to wind down from the busy weeks she has.