The importance of Cash Flow

Our focus is always on finding you a financial solution that optimises your cash flow.

While the home loan or investment loan you choose may be very different from the next person the goal and therefore the overall process is always very similar. This process includes everyone from first home buyers to self-employed borrowers and borrowing through a self-managed super fund. The interview process we will run through with you will focus on achieving financial freedom.

First Home Buyers

We use a range lenders, but the important thing we look for is flexibility. For example some first home buyers will be thinking about starting a family. This means securing finance with a lender that has the flexibility to either pay extra off the mortgage to allow for maximum cash flow during maternity period, a lender that allows applicants to have a repayment holiday, or even a lender with a loan structure which works to reduce the total interest payable and allows you to repay your home loan at a fast rate early in the loan term.

Self-Employed Borrowers - (real life scenario)

We had a self-employed client making the biggest investment of his life purchasing his dream home in Rodd Point. He came to us looking a for a loan to finance his purchase, we went through his Asset and Liability Statement, and current cash-flow structure with business and personal accounts, and found that he had too many accounts paying each other. It was much like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Our customers' financial situation had him open to many tax implications unless he restructured. So we corrected the structure to streamline his finances. Firstly, we sorted out the loans he needed in the best structure for him and restructured his business loans.
We then streamlined his cash flow and separated business and non-business expenses. We are now working on maximizing his tax deductions from other investments, thus putting in a strategy to pay off non-deductible debts within a timely manner.