The loan-type cheat sheet

Variable rate loan

As the name suggests, the interest rate can change over the life of the loan. This gives you flexibility, but can also leave you open to rate rises. These loans also offer the option of additional repayments and redraw, as well as offset accounts.

Fixed rate loan

Basically, this is the opposite of a variable rate loan. Your interest rate and repayments will stay the same during the fixed term, no matter what. So no surprises. You can’t make extra repayments during the fixed term though, so it’s worth thinking about a split loan if you’re planning to pay extra.

Split loan

The best of both worlds—you’re able to fix part of your loan, while leaving the rest variable.

Packaged loan

Professional packages offer discounts on standard variable and fixed rates, the waiving of fees, and in some cases, great deals on other products from the same lender.

Bridging Loan

If you already own a property, this is a short-term loan that can help you finalise
the purchase of your new property before you’ve sold your existing one.

Line of credit loan

This one’s perfect if you need easy access to cash for renovating or investing. It lets you draw against the loan balance, up to a credit limit set by the lender.

Interest only loans

As the name suggests, you only pay the interest on the principal balance for a set term, with the principal balance unchanged.

Construction loan

If you want to build a home or change the structure of your existing home, this is your loan. Most construction loans are interest only for the first year while the build is underway and interest is charged on the amount you draw down on from the loan for building repayments.