The Ride Is On

Yes I am in and heading for a very sore butt this weekend, but really looking forward to doing this ride. It is going to be a great event and I am sure very humbling to see those that are suffering with this disease out there inspiring everyone with there don’t give up approach and determination to fight.

Personally it will be a new milestone for me. The furthest I have cycled before is 73K’s in one day which was back in April. I have only had one ride since then, two weeks ago which ended up with me in a heap on the floor after the crank on my bike broke. So it is fair to say I have not had the greatest preparation but hey it just makes it that much more of a challenge so bring it on.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me, I really appreciate everyone’s contribution either monetary of just words of support. I will come back to after the weekend with an update of how the whole weekend went and if I made it there and of course more importantly, back again.

It is still not to late to sponsor me, although I haven’t raised all the funds required I get another two months to do this so if you have been intending on contributing a few dollars then please CLICK HERE to do so.

Thanks again.