The secret to converting online leads

“You have to work harder for the online leads - get onto them quickly. If they put an enquiry into one website, they’ve probably done it with three others.”

There’s one thing mortgage brokers across Australia can’t ignore: online broking. The opportunities to capture customers on the web is huge and it’s already gaining traction at Loan Market.

Canberra-based broker, Craig Butt has begun to capitalise on web leads and said it’s becoming more and more prevalent.

“In the past eight months we’ve really seen a shift towards online and that will only continue to increase. We’re seeing five or six times more compared to a year ago - website leads are a big deal,” Craig said.

According to Craig, there are a few core things you need to get right before you’ll start to gain traction.

Stay positive

“The amount of people going online to search for home loans is increasing every day, and one of the first places they go is peer review sites. For brokers, having positive reviews online is really important.

"Ask your happy customers to jump on your Facebook page and write a review, or ask them to review your business on Product Review. Build up a library of people sharing positive experiences about you online and you’re already halfway there.”

Know the difference

“The way you work with an online lead is different to referred leads. You need to understand how to approach it. You have to be willing to work harder to warm them up. This is where your customer service and relationship-building skills come into play.

"When you’re working online, it’s important to work quickly. Call them - or have someone in your office call them - straight away. Always be available and always try to find solutions.”

Be prepared

“Customers who start online have usually researched thoroughly and have an idea of what they want - what interest rate they want and sometimes what lender they want to go with.

“I apply the same rule with every online client who comes to me knowing how they want to proceed: if I was sitting in their seat, knowing everything I know about the industry, would I do it the way they want to do it? If the answer is yes, then I know I’m doing the right thing. If not, you have to be prepared to guide them in the right direction”