Leadership lessons: the signs of an entrepreneur

“True entrepreneurs are resilient to the disappointments they face along the way.”

Loan Market is a business that’s built on entrepreneurship - and proud of it. Over the years our chairman, Sam White, has met a lot of different people, all with very different leadership styles. When it comes to true entrepreneurs, however, Sam says they are easy to spot if you know what to look for.

Here are four tell-tale signs Sam looks for in his business leaders.

They’re optimistic.

“People with an entrepreneurial spirit are optimistic. They can deal with uncertainty, and they have a real focus on what fundamental things they need to solve for their customers.”

They’re empowering.

“Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with good talent. They create an environment that not only empowers their people to be ambitious, but enables them to achieve those ambitions.”

They’re resilient.

“This is probably the most important trait. No matter what journey we’re on, there are always disappointments along the way. Entrepreneurs are resilient - they pivot their direction if the chosen strategy wasn’t the right one and adapt easily.”

They’re curious.

“I’ve never met an entrepreneur who doesn’t ask questions - and lots of them. Their curiosity is always switched on and they’re not just thinking about today - they’re thinking of where the opportunity will be in a couple of years time.”