The things elite brokers do on Monday morning

They breathe passion, dedication and are inevitably successful. But what is it about the habits of an Elite broker that makes them so unique in their achievements? We look at Monday Morning in the life of Loan Market’s top broker Josh Bartlett from Victoria.

Arrives at the office between 7-7.30am

7.00 am grabs a coffee from his favourite coffee shop in Black Rock
7.30 - 8 am writes task list (To-do list in order of priority)
8-8.30 am checks all leads are up to date and calls any [leads] from over the weekend or that he hasn’t been able to get in touch with.
8.30-8.45 am prepares for staff meeting - check status of files
8.45-9.30 am staff meeting - CSMs give updates on their files. New files handed over. Red flags discussed (meaning any issues talked about)
9.30am -10.30 am calls any current clients’ files that need additional information or changes
10.30 am -12.30 pm Prospecting; uses Connect and contacts all hot, warm and cold leads that are due for phone calls. Leads that were not ready or did not answer their call.
12.30 pm Calls active and non-active referral partners - checks who has been referring or calls people that may have fallen off the wagon - keeps in touch/calls with agents.
1 pm lunch - always sushi and red bull - same lunch everyday!

Starting the day early, allows Josh to make the most of his day and gain clear direction in preparing for the week ahead. It is said ‘success is doing the same thing over and over and becoming great at it’. For Josh, it’s definately routine that makes him one of the greatest brokers at Loan Market.