The ultimate listing presentation advantage

When an agent is at a listing presentation, their focus is to get it over the line and win the business - and they usually do this by showing a differentiation between them and any other competitors at the table. Let’s look at how a mortgage broker can help in this process.

Property and finance are linked together - particularly under the auction program where an agent would like to have those people who are interested in purchasing a property in a proper position to buy.

One of the differentiations that a broker can bring to the table at a listing presentation is this: a lot of people don’t know what their borrowing limit is because they will often go to one bank for everything.
An agent can demonstrate to a vendor their ability - through working with Mortgage Broker - to ensure buyers that go through their property have a discussion to find what their real level of purchasing power is.

Showing the extra lengths we can go to in ensuring that interested buyers have the right finance in place (by presenting them to a number of different banks) can be a point of difference in the marketplace.

At Loan Market, we believe the sign of a truly successful agent/broker relationship is when they work hand in hand at the listing stage.