Three great reasons to use a mortgage broker

Purchasing a home can be a little intimidating and not something to be taken lightly, especially for first home buyers. Sure, it’s easy enough to wander into a bank and deal directly with them for a home loan.

But what are you missing out on by avoiding using a mortgage broker?

Personal Relationship

As opposed to being a number with a bank, sitting down face-to-face with a mortgage broker allows them to engage with you and help you achieve exactly what it is you want from the deal. You’re more likely to understand and the more you understand, the easier your decision will be.


Banks are limited in the variety of loans they can offer you. Namely, their own. Working through a mortgage broker not only provides you with a variety of different banks and loan choices to choose from, but the experienced advisor has the expertise to ensure the bank and the loan you choose is right for you.


The mortgage broker will know exactly what needs to be filed, how it needs to be filed, when and where. They are able to help you through the transition into homeowner, making it as simple as possible for you.

To get more detailed information on your situation, talk to a Loan Market mortgage broker today.