Tips for building trust with real estate agents

“Referrers work the same way as customers - they talk. Word of mouth in the office goes a long way.”

In 12 months, mortgage broker Andrew Timms turned his relationship with Ray White East Brisbane into one of the most successful real estate partnerships in Loan Market Queensland, with 40 per cent of his business coming from Ray White leads.

So how did Andrew gain the trust of his real estate colleagues?

“When I first began working with Ray White East Brisbane in late 2014, I found that the agents had mixed past experiences with brokers; some positive, many not so positive.

“I had to spend a lot of time showing the sales team that they could trust me, that I wasn’t going to let them down. Today, all 14 refer to me,” Andrew said.

The question we all want answered is: how did Andrew do it? How did he get these agents trusting him so much that nearly half his business comes from their client referrals?

According to Andrew, it’s a combination of four things.

Be the last resort

"In the beginning, the only business you’re likely to get is when an agent throws you last minute deal - when the sale is about to fall through because something went wrong with the buyer’s finance. If you can get one or two of these over the line it creates a bit of buzz in the office.

"Referrers work the same way as customers - they talk. Word of mouth in the office goes a long way."

Have the hunger

“Go above and beyond in your first months with the office - be at every sales meeting, drop off bottles of water to them when they’re working on Saturday, grab them a coffee on Monday morning when they’re doing their call-backs, Send them a text on Saturday mornings letting them know the best interest rates of the day.”

Be visible

“Be strategic about where you sit in the office. My desk is in the middle of the East Brisbane office - it gives agents accessibility and visibility.

“Be the last one to leave each evening, and, if you visit a client they referred to you late one evening, send them a quick text to let them know how it went. They want to see you working as hard as they do.”

Help them with their own loan

“One of the best things I did was start offering to help agents with their own finance.. I find a lot of agents start believing in you, once you’ve done a loan for them. When they personally go through the process with you, they see first hand what you do for their customers.

“I’ve done loans for two agents at East Brisbane and have another one in the pipeline at the moment. It creates great word of mouth in the office and now, most of the agents pass on their clients even if they already have pre approval - just to get a fresh set of eyes over their loan.”