Tips for making renovating easier

Home renovations, whilst rewarding and exciting, can also be expensive and stressful. Our partners from hipages have helped us put together a list of what can help reduce the stress and increase the ease of this process.

Provide a clear brief to your contractor
Providing a clear brief will ensure the quote given to you is as close to accurate as possible. Try to include measurements, materials you would like to use, the time frame you need it to be done in and your budget.

Know your state regulations
Building regulations are different in each state, it is important to know the laws in your state. Be sure to check with your local council as well as state regulators. Hipages checks each of their tradespeople are licensed, for additional searches on your builder you can see your state regulators online licence search.

Fill in a contract
Always get it in writing. There are also laws which outline the payment stages with your builder. Having a contract is peace of mind for both parties involved.

Get 3 quotes
It always pays to get three quote. Hipages and Loan Market Concierge can send you three instant quotes for any home improvements work and take the hassle out of ringing around. Ensure you find the best price for you and your home improvement project.

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