Top 5 tips to drive daily productivity if you’re a broker

If you’re a broker, productivity is an important part of the health and success of your business. The more productive you are, the more time you can spend on your leads and clients. These useful tips can help you get there.

Stay motivated

Though crucial, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep both yourself and your people motivated. The more motivated and driven someone is, the more they will increase productivity, ultimately selling more.

It’s important to identify and understand what you and/or your staff do day-in-day-out and focus on being positive. A little recognition can go a long way, so you can also help your people to stay motivated by rewarding achievements or high performers. Recognition doesn’t always need to cost a significant financial amount as a simple verbal acknowledgement can go along way.


As a business person, you’re inevitably always busy and it may seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Prioritising will help you to better manage your day and subsequently your week.

You can start by identifying the most important tasks, people and businesses and meetings to help you stay productive and increase revenue. Ensure you are punctual to all meetings to keep a high level of respect and consideration in your work relationships. Your top clients and businesses should be kept top-of-mind to ensure they are getting the best service.

If you don’t have enough hours in a day and you are still processing your own loans, you might like to consider alternatives. Loan Market makes available a remote PA solution available to all Loan Market brokers. This solution allows you to send applications to our team in Manila to complete the data entry on your behalf in order to free up your time to focus on other areas of building your business.

Effectively prioritising and nurturing your relationships can help with long-term growth for your business.

Goal setting and following up

Another way to help increase motivation and increase productivity is to have set goals. Whether they’re long-term or short-term, write down what you want to achieve and create a strategy to help you do it.

Work can become overwhelming, especially during busy periods. Having goals will not only give you something to work towards but can also hold you accountable for your work.
Follow up on your goals and tick them off as you achieve them. Each time you meet one of your goals, you will feel better about yourself and more fulfilled.

Remember to set realistic goals and celebrate as you tackle them.

Schedule marketing and social media

Whether it’s through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you are likely already advertising your business on these platforms. But finding content to attract your target audience can be time-consuming and sometimes even challenging if that’s not your thing.

Once a week or even fortnightly take some time to create content and have it scheduled for the days and times you want it to go live. Having a queue of content will save you time and increase productivity.

If you have the budget, you can also hire a social-media consultant who will create all the content for you to keep current clients engaged and lure prospective clients to your business. Alternatively, if you have staff it may be well within their capacity to administer your social media marketing for you.

Onboard and train new staff well

If your business is larger or for those looking at expanding, hiring staff is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Not only can it make or break your business but it’s also a huge resource investment, so you want to make sure you’re onboarding the right people for your team.

But it’s not enough to just hire the right people, you also want to retain them and ensure that they are able to work responsibly and autonomously.

After hiring and onboarding, it is important that staff are kept up-to-date, through training and development so they are always on top of their game. Ongoing guidance and coaching is necessary to ensure your staff continuously perform at a high level.

There are a number of different ways to help you drive more productivity into your working day. These tips can help you get started to give you more time to focus on growing your business.