Top Australian team joins Loan Market Group’s BYOB model

One of Australia’s leading full-service brokerages, Entourage Finance, marks the 21st business to join Loan Market’s new model that lets brokerages keep their well-earned brand identities and still benefit from award-winning technology and business support.  

Entourage Finance - which uniquely combines broking, conveyancing and legal services under one roof for a holistic client experience - made the move to take advantage of Loan Market’s tech and culture.

Entourage Finance Director Damien Roylance, a former winner of the AMA’s Broker of the Year (Productivity) and a regular on Connective’s top brokers list, said Loan Market’s Bring Your Own Brand (BYOB) model presented the best chance for his business to grow. 

“When you’re a small business doing so many things at once, it’s hard to find someone you can lean on for tech, marketing support and business coaching,” said Mr Roylance.

“At the same time, we’ve put a lot of effort into developing our brand and our unique proposition over the last years. Everyone knows us for the ‘entourage experience’, and we didn’t want to lose that.”

Mr Roylance said Loan Market’s investment in an integrated tech solution that saves time for brokers so they can concentrate on customer relationships was a major influence on his decision.

“Loan Market’s tech really speeds up our processes. The Online Fact Find tool within MyCRM, in particular, saves our brokers significant time and saves clients frustration in collating and delivering loan documents.”

Mr Roylance said Loan Market’s culture was also appealing to his team, where he has maintained the same nucleus of staff for the past three years.

“My people are the most important thing to me and I like that Loan Market values people in the same way I do. 

“I was really impressed by (Executive Chairman) Sam White during the Royal Commission - I thought he really stood up for the brand and the wider industry. And being family-owned, there’s no ties to individual banks which is what customers really look for in their broker.”

Executive Chairman, Mr Sam White said he was thrilled Entourage had chosen to join Loan Market Group under BYOB - a strong endorsement from Damien, an industry business leader. 

“Damien leads an exceptional team that’s tapped into customers’ demand for a holistic finance experience,” said Mr White.

“I understand the conflict business owners have in walking away from a brand identity they’ve put blood, sweat and tears into: I’ve spent much of my life in Loan Market and know what it means to me.

“Our BYOB lets brokerages like Entourage Finance keep their brand identities and still utilise MyCRM that integrates with marketing solutions, compliance support, broker and administrative assistant training that they can’t get in a quality, integrated fashion on their own.”

Entourage Finance joins the likes of other top businesses including Green Finance Group, Clarendon Homes, Pitcher Partners, and many more, under Loan Market Group’s BYOB model.

Entourage Finance’s move to Loan Market coincides with their relocation to a new address at L5 9/11 Cremorne Street, Cremorne. Contact them today at