Treasurer to headline Loan Market’s international Game On conference

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will address Loan Market’s International Conference Game On next week to outline the role of mortgage brokers in the Morrison Government’s vision for the financial services sector.

In what will be one of Mr Frydenberg’s first speaking engagements since Parliament’s return, the Treasurer is set to highlight how he believes brokers can be leaders in restoring ‘trust’ to the financial services sector following the community reaction to the 2018 Hayne royal commission.

“The Morrison Government is focused on increasing more competition in the financial services sector to drive better outcomes for consumers,” said Mr Frydenberg.

“Mortgage brokers are a key part in achieving this goal, but also crucial to rebuilding Australia’s trust in the financial sector.”

Loan Market Executive Chairman Sam White said Mr Frydenberg’s attendance at the event was a boon for the network. 

“It’s a great privilege to have the Treasurer speak at Game On,” said Mr White. “In the wake of the Hayne Report, Mr Frydenberg was one of the Cabinet leaders who recognised the value brokers deliver customers and their importance within the overall financial ecosystem.

“Mr Frydenberg headlines what I believe is the best-ever program of speakers assembled for Loan Market’s annual international conference.”

Joining Mr Frydenberg at the conference, held at Hobart’s Grand Chancellor from August 12-13, are:

  • Peak performance expert Alessandra Edwards who has tailored programs for ASX and Fortune 500 leaders, Olympic athletes and high-flyers to maximise energy and resilience levels; 
  • Hero pilot Richard de Crespigny who saved the lives of 460 passengers by safely landing a plane following a near-catastrophic in-flight explosion;
  • Trans-continental adventurer, fundraiser and social-change advocate Samantha Gash;
  • Former Navy diver, shark-attack survivor and motivational coach Paul De Gelder, and;
  • Social-impact advisor, educator and thought leader Phil Nosworthy, who has worked with the likes of the AFL, Universal Music and Microsoft.

A health science expert, Alessandra Edwards has worked extensively with clients in the financial sector during, and in the wake of, the Hayne royal commission.

She said many in the broking sector had been deflated by the ‘marathon’ hearings and the scrutiny leading up to the Commission

"Years of ongoing stress has really taken its toll (on brokers),” Ms Edwards said. “We've now come out the other end of the uncertainty but people are exhausted."

"(But) even without the Royal Commission, small business owners face uncertainty always. The cycles impact our energy and performance, especially in sales-based environments where you're required to maintain cycles of leads and a pipeline.

"Underlying everything is energy (and) when you have no energy, nothing works. Business owners in broking are deep in the trenches and we don't know how long the battle will last. They need to pace themselves and make sure energy levels are high and be prepared.” 

Ms Edwards will deep dive into energy type based on genetics and how it affects output at Game On.

“There are four energy types based on genetics. I help people to pick boosters and busters for each energy type to enhance performance and show how they can thrive in different ways.”