Want Your Credit Score For Free ?

Credit Score

A website dedicated to providing a graphical interpretation of your credit score was launched yesterday. Simply fill in a few details, tick some compliance boxes and in moments (unless the website is overloaded) you have your score.

Is it accurate? Perhaps ! The website claims to match your data with the VEDA reporting agency's data, however a quick test through a few relatives of mine has produced some wildly fluctuating results, which I would seriously question.

In the end take it for what it is, simply a marketing tool.

If you want to test out the site go to www.Getcreditscore.com.au

If on the other hand you want to get a no cost copy of your Veda Credit file and see what information the company holds on you go to: http://www.mycreditfile.com.au/home/free-credit-file.dot

This service is free, though there is a 10 day turn around time.

If you do have a credit issue that's holding you back on obtaining finance, let me know. I may be able to assist or put you into contact with a credit repair specialist.