We offer more than just mortgages

It might seem pretty straight forward - people hire mortgage brokers to help them get their home loan arranged so that they can buy a property. But there’s actually so much more we can do. Here’s just a few ways we can give more value to Australians

We can protect them

To be frank, taking out a home loan will probably be the biggest debt a person will have in their lifetime. It can be a daunting prospect for people - particularly for first home buyers - to borrow such a significant amount of money. That’s why we believe in offering our customers mortgage protection - so that they can rest assured if their lives take an unexpected turn, their home won’t be affected.

We can make sure a person’s mortgage is protected in the event they can’t meet their repayments - bringing even more peace of mind to Australian homeowners. Knowing how unpredictable life can be, we think protecting our client’s biggest asset is one of the most important services we can offer.

We can help them renovate

Many homeowners will reach a stage in their life where they’d like to renovate their properties. For both owner-occupiers and investors, finding the money to renovate can be challenging - this is where we can help.

Refinancing an existing home loan can be an attractive option for property owners and it’s something that a mortgage broker can provide guidance on. Helping customers understand how refinancing works and whether it’s a suitable option is just the beginning - a broker can help every step of the way, making sure the whole process runs smoothly and is stress free for the client.

We can help them manage their credit cards

Credit card debt can be hard to manage. It can become a big stress on a person and their family - especially when they have a home loan too. Just some of the challenges include managing different interest rates and repayment amounts as well as different repayment due dates.

The reality is that many Australians are in debt and it can not only be overwhelming for them, it can also be really expensive. A mortgage broker can work with people who are holding a number of different debts (such as credit and store cards) and determine if rolling their debt into one single loan could be the right option for them.

This is just the tip of the iceberg - mortgage broking has evolved over time to include so many different services that help our customers reach their lifestyle and finance goals.