What happened at your anniver​sary party?

I was quite surprised at a friends party when someone asked me "why should I use you as a broker instead of just going to my own bank?"

I must say I was a bit taken back as nobody has asked me that question in 10 years - I thought we were way past that. BUT reflecting on it, stats say that in Australia only 53% of people are using a broker, so there's clearly 47% that are not.

So here's a "back to basics" Martin's top 6 tips why I think I add value as a broker;

(1) Get the best deal. If you want a home loan and (today) visit CBA, StGeorge, or Westpac then you will get a higher interest rate than you will at ANZ, NAB, ING or Suncorp. It's by as much as 0.5% for the "same loan" which is $2,500 per year on a $500,000 loan. Before tax, that's a pay rise of about $4,000. Better in your pocket than the banks !!

(2) Get the deal done. Shane Mott (in my team) and I were chatting about this last week. We think it's as much as 60-70% of our loans in the past 6 month have been "credit dependant". That is, if the client took their scenario to many major lenders then the answer would be "no" - we know which door to knock on, and how to structure the loan to qualify.

(3) Personal advice and support. Often a client has lots of scenarios that we discuss over time. We explore when, what, how, options, ideas and this might be over months or years. That support is still there after someone settles their loan - we are always available for lending support and advice. It's personal.

(4) Help through the process. Each loan application averages 2-3 meetings, 30 phone calls (to lenders, conveyancers, banks, clients etc), and a mountain of followups for my team to help you. We're proud of being your solutions providers and your project managers to pro-actively help you and keep you informed.

(5) Ongoing review. Rates come and go, specials come and go, markets and rates environments change, things change over time. We are an advocate of clients reviewing their loans every couple of years with their current lender AND with us to keep it sharp - it might shock you but the average of "existing home loans" than new clients ask us to review is 4.7 to 5.2% when the same clients are eligible for 4% or better at their current bank. There are strategies to get a great outcomes in this space (starting with their own bank first) and this is work that I love.

(6) We are passionate and proud. As a small business, we need happy clients in order to succeed. Our success is your success. Bother us. It's personal.

There's more, but I suspect this blog is too long already !!

PS: the photo - Congratulations Dom and Kate on your 30th wedding anniversary. You inspire your friends and family, and we are so fortunate to have you in our life. You also run an electric party, the way you had that tree land on power lines and 3 of the cars attending the party stayed the night there with either a tree or power lines on them. Quality party!!