What To Do With an Empty Nest

Now that the kids have moved out, a once full house can start to feel a little too big for the needs of the last ones standing – the parents.

It’s great to keep the family home as a base for everyone to come back to every now and then, but in some cases it can just be impractical to do so.

Perhaps it is time to move on to something a bit smaller and more manageable?

With the equity you have built in your house, you may be surprised at what your borrowing capacity is for home loans.

A house fit for a family may be a big draw card on the seller’s market, especially with younger families on the lookout for a property their kids can grow up in, and which is zoned for local schools.

Why not get a valuation done and then consider your options by talking to a mortgage broker.

They’ll let you know exactly how much you can borrow and tell you how best to take advantage of your current home equity for another property purchase.

To get more detailed information on your situation, talk to a Loan Market mortgage broker today.