Why Become A Homeowner?

There are many things to consider when deciding whether to buy a home or not.

An interest calculator can indicate how current mortgage rates will affect your loan repayments and a good home loan comparison will help determine the relative merits of the many loan products available.

But what about the less quantifiable aspects of homeownership - the ones you can’t express with a percentage figure?

Most new homeowners find it very rewarding to finally be the master of their own domain. They can make changes and personal touches as they please and really work on making it their ideal abode.

Many also appreciate the stability homeownership offers in comparison to a rental situation.

The uncertainty of not knowing if rents will increase or that the landlord might sell the property is replaced by the knowledge that mortgage payments are set and it is the owner who decides whether they want to stay put or move on - not somebody else.

And those repayments are unlike rental fees in that they are helping to build equity in your home.

What better way to save your hard earned money than by investing them in a valuable asset?

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