Sunshine Coast is feeling the effects of changes in lending rules

Why is lending getting harder?  And why you shouldn’t give up… just speak to your broker!

Regulatory bodies have handed down a steady stream of new guidelines to lenders in recent times and each lender/bank has interpreted these guidelines and implemented changes to their lending policies in different ways to ensure that they meet these guidelines.

A lot of these changes do not reflect the local Sunshine Coast - Noosa, Tewantin, Peregian and surrounding markets, but still impact each of us and the way we can lend.

More often, people are finding that what they used to be able to do with their lender they can no longer do. Or that they aren’t getting the “borrowing capacity” they want.

DON’T GIVE UP! Just speak to your broker.

Your broker will be able to look at your individual circumstances and provide options from multiple lenders (in Loan Market’s case over 30 different lenders) AND/OR give clear guidance to help you get in position to be able to achieve your goals. It may be as simple as going to a different lender.

And why would you let a little thing like using a different lender determine the right outcome for you?

Sandy is a local broker in Noosa, Tewantin, Peregian Springs and surrounding areas up and down the Sunshine Coast and is more than happy to run through your options so you aren't selling yourself short.

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