Winter warmer ideas

Got the winter blues? Make the most of the cold weather by rugging up warm and staying in. These warming ideas will make you wish Spring was never coming (ok, maybe not!).

Optimise for natural light

Studies show that your body responds better to natural light than artificial light, making you more alert and less stressed. Maximise the natural light let in from windows and skylights by giving your windows a good clean regularly to ensure they’re letting in as much light as possible. Even if it’s miserable outside, open up your blinds or shutters throughout the day. You can make the most of this natural light by including mirrors in your decor and painting your walls a lighter colour, giving the room a great lift.

Huddle around the hearth

There’s nothing more cosy or romantic than sharing a bottle of wine around the flickering flames of a fireplace. If you have a small area to heat consider a gas burning decorative fireplace that gives the look of fire without too much heat. If you need serious heating, an open fireplace creates a fantastic atmosphere as well as warmth.

Add some texture

An inexpensive way to refresh your loungeroom or bedroom for the season is to change up the accessories. For winter think heavy cable-knit throws, patterned cushion covers and metallic accents. If you have time on your hands you could even knit your own custom blanket perfect for snuggling on the couch.

Get cooking

The delicious scent of baking cookies or a crispy roast can improve your day. Make the most of staying in by slow-cooking meals you normally wouldn’t have time to make. A stew or roast lamb with mint sauce is a great way to warm your insides. Why not invite friends and make it a potluck, with every guest bringing a meal to share.

Brighten your home

Introduce pops of colour to a room to make it feel lighter and brighter. Colours like teal and purple can subtly lift the room and draw the eye. Consider a feature wall, or for something easier, a statement vase. Alternatively, go for a more glamorous look with metallic sparkle. Gold, bronze and rose gold all look fantastic with neutral colours and will help reflect the light in the room.