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    Buying your first home: The art of making an offer and negotiating

    Making an offer, negotiation, and bidding in auctions are key aspects of purchasing your property. Find out what you need to know to handle this process with ease.

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    The buyer’s blueprint: Purchasing off the plan vs house and land

    There are differences between purchasing a house off the plan, and buying a house and land property. Understanding each could help you save money and maximise your satisfaction.

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    Rentvesting: Purchasing your first home as an investment property

    ​The puzzle of buying your first home has more answers than one – and an investment property is such an attractive option that could help you realise your property dream. Rentvesting breaks the shackles that hold you back from owning a property without having to compromise on your lifestyle.

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    A simple guide to the First Home Owner Grant

    ​Australian state and territory governments actively encourage new home building and purchases with their First Home Owner Grant (FHOG). If you are looking to buy a property, now could be a good time to capitalise on FHOG.

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    6 mistakes to avoid when buying your first home

    There’s a lot to look forward to as a new homeowner. However, it’s important to be both aware and cautious of some common mistakes.

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    Your game plan for saving for a home deposit

    Is it your dream to live in your own home? You’re going to need a game plan - it’s time to hustle and think strategy. Here are some steps you could take that could ultimately add up to managing your finances and saving enough to start the buying process.

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    Connect speaker highlights in 30 seconds

    Missed out on Connect 2018? Check out some of the highlights from the world-class keynote, awe-inspiring speakers.

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    Loan Market Group international award winners announced

    Loan Market Group has revealed their international award winners, highlighting businesses who excel across areas including; customer service, process efficiency, diversification and volume at a black-tie Gala held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on the Gold Coast last night.

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    Former PM John Howard inspires at Connect 2018

    THE nation’s second longest-serving prime minister John Howard opened the Connect 2018 conference on the Gold Coast with his thoughts on leadership. More than 2,500 mortgage brokers and real estate agents from all over Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand gathered for Connect 2018.

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    Bank or broker? Who should help you with your loan.

    While there’s a lot to know when it comes to getting competitive, hassle-free advice on a loan, the question remains do you go with your bank or a mortgage broker?

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    Brush that mortgage out of your hair

    Paying off your mortgage becomes second nature, like walking your dog or cleaning your teeth. But should you look at how you could pay it off sooner?

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    Number crunch: The nitty gritty of buying your home

    Buying your first place? The numbers can be scary, that’s for sure. But while the kinds of figures involved are intimidating, knowledge is power. And if you can get your head around these basics, you’re honestly most of the way there.

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    Q and A: Your big questions answered

    There’s a lot to know about loans, especially if you’re taking one out for the first time. So let’s knock over some of the common ones, and hope they’re some of yours...