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  1. Tile is now a good time to buy an investment property    loan market

    Is now a good time to buy an investment property?

    We often talk about getting the timing right for investment property, so when is the best time to buy? Loan Market explains how and when timing matters.

  2. Tile property investment  understanding negative gearing   loan market

    Property investment: understanding negative gearing

    Although experienced investors probably know all about negative gearing, there are many Australians left scratching their heads. What is negative gearing and how does it work? Let’s take a look at the basics.

  3. Tile a straight talking guide to investment property costs    loan market

    A straight-talking guide to investment property costs

    Buying and owning an investment property means a number of different ongoing and one-off costs. Loan Market lists the top costs to be aware of.

  4. Tile how to calculate rental yield   loan market

    How to calculate rental yield

    Investment property rental yield can be an important indicator of value and return, so how do you calculate it? Find out with this guide from Loan Market.

  5. Tile what features does your investment loan need     loan market

    What features does your investment loan need?

    Your loan can make a big difference when it comes to your investment property. Loan Market guides you through the top features and loans to look for when applying.

  6. Tile pulse au jan2019 tile1

    The dilemma for Interest Only loan holders

    Summer heat waves aren’t the only thing Australian households need to brace for. According to ABS data, 900,000 property loans will go from interest only (IO) mortgages, to principal and interest over the next 3 years.

  7. Tile pulse au jan2019 tile2

    Kicking off your clients’ 2019 finance story

    As 2019 ticks into gear, many will turn their minds to getting their finances in check. There’s a lot my partners and I can do to help your clients get their ducks in a row.

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    Loan Market celebrates 27 finalists in the 2019 Better Business Awards

    ​The Loan Market family has achieved excellent results for the 2019 Better Business Awards with a massive 27 brokers and offices being named as finalists across 13 categories.

  9. Tile insiderau dec2018 tile1

    Have you heard of repricing? It could save you money.

    Property auction clearance rates in our capital cities are tracking in the low 40% and credit lending has tightened. One thing is clear - you have options.

  10. Tile insiderau dec2018 tile2

    Apps to save your pennies.

    We know the frustration that comes from meeting with your bank, only to be told that you just aren’t financially ready. Here’s what you can do today that will set you up to be the perfect match for lenders in the future.

  11. Tile pulsenov2018 tile2v2

    Don’t get stung by a stocking stuffer

    You don’t have to spend Christmas eating gruel like Ebenezer Scrooge, to live within your means. Here’s a few tips to help you take control this Christmas.

  12. Tile pulsenov2018 tile1

    Why are investors cashing out?

    When Robin Hood said ‘Rise and rise again until lambs become lions’ he was not making predictions about the 2018 Australian property market.

  13. Tile pulsenov2018 tile3

    4 things that help predict property prices

    Will predicting property prices ever be as easy as falling off a log or taking candy from a baby? According to Macro Business there’s just four things you need to know that impact the way our housing prices sway.