Paul Hixon

Loan Market Mortgage Broker servicing New Farm, Teneriffe, Newstead and surrounding suburbs

About Paul Hixon

Paul Hixon

In my early 20s, I started up a business selling equipment for sound production (TV and music), built up a workforce and grew to a turnover of $4mil within 5 years. Changing with the times and responding to market conditions, we wound this business down when increasing automation of the relevant processes meant it was no longer viable. The experience of growing a successful enterprise and the lessons in business strategy were a hugely valuable springboard.

The real estate market has long fascinated me; even as a child, I would leaf through the property sections of the papers and try to guess how much the houses would go for. When I shut down the music business, I found the perfect opportunity to launch my real estate career – an agency in London which had just started its property management business. Working in the fast-paced, cut-throat London real estate market, I grew this enterprise over five years, ultimately looking after around 300 properties along with my team. I also started up my own highly successful London property portfolio during these years. 

Over the course of my real estate career, I became particularly drawn to the finance side of the business. When you look after people’s properties – typically their biggest asset – you get a real insight into how the property market works on an individual, human level. I’m naturally customer service oriented and have an easy rapport with people; it has become a real passion of mine to make the numbers work for my clients, get them their dream home and help them set up their finances in a way that works for them in terms of loans and savings. I also love drawing on my own experience as an investor to help others create wealth and income streams from property. 

Prior to obtaining sponsorship from Loan Market to come and work as a broker in Australia, I went through the full process of professional qualification in the UK. I am passionate about property finance, and really enjoy the complex process of navigating the legal, regulatory and financial frameworks in order to turn people’s property dreams into reality. I also have experience in a cognate field, that is, helping people acquire and finance companies and thus supporting entrepreneurship. 

From the smallest start-up and investment to managing large property portfolios, to property finance expertise – it’s been a fascinating journey so far, and one I’m looking forward to continuing!