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    Home Loan Health Check -Do It Now

    Lenders have this amazing ability to increase home loan interest rates outside of the RBA cycle, simply because they can.

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    March Madness Post RC Report– Borrowers Still Winning

    Following on from last month’s Royal Commission Report and the recommendations made, people across Australia have come out in force to support the Mortgage Broker industry as they recognise it as a valuable and important part of home loan lending in today’s space. Not to mention keeping the big b...

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    Royal Commission Delivers Report – What Now?

    The Royal Commission delivered their long awaited report on the banking industry, making numerous recommendations across the finance industry. This included reviewing and proposing overhauls to the mortgage broking sector, without any consultation from broker industry stakeholders

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    Happy Holidays - Time To Close Off Another Year!

    ​​The year has flown by in the blink of an eye! For borrowers, interest rate stability and record low interest rates continued to dominate throughout the whole year. ​

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    It’s A Buyers’ Market – Time To Buy Something!

    The Royal Commission, this year tasked with deep-diving into the Australian banking system and responsible lending practices, It is a buyers’-market, buyers should be purchasing property simply because conditions are perfect and those selling are doing so because they have to for one reason or an...

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    RBA Interest rates…no change 19 months – should I refinance?

    September saw a number of lenders increase their housing interest rates outside of the RBA cycle, If you have a home loan, and it starts with the number four (4.) then yes you should be talking to a broker

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    Where should I buy? Inner City or Outer Suburbs?

    Over the past thirty years or so, Melbourne property values have been a major talking point for many Australians - So where should you buy?

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    Property Values Dropped? Where? I Want To Buy There!

    Misleading reporting on real estate values is an ongoing issue. Relevant reporting would delve further into median pricing by considering where the bulk of sales activity is and what sector of the market experienced the most sales, rather than superficially looking at just the numbers

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    Why Don’t People Change Home Loans?

    A common myth amongst borrowers is that smaller lenders do not have proper or normal banking suites available e.g. being able to have your salary paid into a bank account and being able to pay bills from your internet banking etc. The reality is that most smaller lenders do actually have these fa...

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    EOFY Tax Time - Market Update

    The 2018 FY year has seen interest rates hold steady with no official change to the cash rate and home loan interest rates remaining at unprecedented record low levels.

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    Softening Property Market? Time To Buy Or Sell?

    Two most commonly asked questions by many Australians regarding real estate When is the best time to buy? When is the best time to sell? The overwhelming answer is a simple.....NOW!

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    Auction vs Private Sale – Which is Best?

    Buying at auction is the most transparent method to buying real estate. Laws prohibit false or dummy bidding so these activities are a thing of the past; To ensure complete comfort, it is wise to research the property’s likely market value range prior to the auction And ensure you are pre-appro...

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    Happy New Year – RBA No Change to Cash Rate

    The official RBA cash rate remains at just 1.50% as of the start of the new calendar year. Many economists have been actively talking doom and gloom with interest rates rises on the horizon According to RP Data, the December quarter saw housing fall slightly for the first time since April 2016