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  1. Post-Lockdown lending in 2022

    In residential property terms, this has meant that buying a home from a financing perspective has never been more affordable and what we have seen these last couple of years is a real estate property boom not too far off what we experienced in the 1980’s.

  2. Thinking of Renovating?

    A home renovation or extension done well can significantly improve the value of your home, the trick is ensuring you don’t over-capitalise. Borrowing money has never been so affordable, so in some cases it makes sense to stay where you are and improve your current asset (home) if it’s viable whil...

  3. Off Market Property Transactions –The Lowdown

    Many agents have a database of buyers and sellers who would rather not go through the normal open for inspection and public auction process, and much prefer to keep things low-key or ‘under the radar’ when buying or selling a property. This is what is we refer to as an ‘Off Market’ transaction an...

  4. Credit Defaults = Declined Loan Applications!

    The introduction of ‘Positive Credit Reporting’ a couple of years ago now means that some lenders don’t need to see your bank account statements, as your credit file will show if you have any credit repayment commitments and whether or not you have kept up to date with repayments.

  5. How Does the 2021-22 Budget Affect You?

    Even though it can sound like a lot of noise, the release of the Australian Federal Budget provides the opportunity to reflect and ponder on your own budget and goals. I’m here to help with whatever borrowing information you might need. Simply call or email and let’s discuss how I can support you

  6. Keep Missing Out on Property?

    If you are baffled with what seems to be ever-increasing property prices and you keep missing out on that property purchase, there’s likely to be a number of contributing factors.

  7. Refinancing in 2021

    Refinancing owner-occupied home loans as well as investment home loans is saving people thousands in interest costs with these current crazy low rates, so you should take advantage.

  8. Off To A Flying Start – 2021!

    The RBA kept the cash rate unchanged this month which was no surprise citing that economic growth has been stronger than expected.

  9. Happy New (hopefully Covid-Free) Year?

    2021 could very well be the year a record number of first-time buyers will get into the market place simply because all the planets seem to be aligned in their favour!

  10. Happy Holidays - A New Decade Awaits

    The year has flown by in the blink of an eye! First time borrowers again took advantage of the stamp duty savings. At VFS, we continue to do what we love doing

  11. Lockdown Over – Buyers are Ravenous!

    The ongoing pressure on the RBA to reduce the cash rate seems to have worked this month, regardless of the fact they made it very clear months ago that they will not be reducing the cash rate further and that any stimulus needed to come from the government.

  12. Should I stay with a Fixed loan – or go Variable?

    One of the most common questions we get asked is the question of fixed rates vs variable rates and which is better….. There is no simple answer – and that’s simply because it all comes down to what your intentions are and most people’s intentions differ when it comes to managing their money

  13. Withdrawing Super To Buy Property? Think Again!

    There seems to be a large number of people tapping into their super and withdrawing the Government-approved $10,000 to help them deal with the impact of COVID 19 on their lives. And understandably, if it is assisting those in true financial hardship due to loss of income and enable them to pay fo...