Finance broker servicing the Blue Mountains and Central West

Our expertise and relationships with lenders means we have access to a wide range of competitive finance solutions. It would be difficult and very time consuming for an individual to canvas the market to achieve the depth and breadth of options we can bring to the table, and to acquire the knowledge to make sense of it all.


  • Ms F, Blue Mountains NSW
    New home purchase
    “I wanted to thank you so much for everything you’ve done to assist me in securing finance towards this purchase. You’ve gone above and beyond in so many ways. Your perceptive insights into the emotional component of the whole process surrounding the purchase of a new home have really made a huge difference. You’ve been so much more than a mortgage broker for me and I can’t thank you enough.”
  • Mr R, Blackheath
    Phil, thanks so much for all the great information ! Very, very helpful stuff.
  • Ms SJ, Dubbo NSW
    First home purchase
    "Thank you so much for everything you have done! We really appreciate it. You have made everything extremely easy and I wouldn't hesitate passing on your details to anyone. I also think you need more time to sleep considering you replied to some of my emails well into the night, but I can't complain! I couldn't rate the service anything less than a 10/10!"
  • Ms H, Blackheath
    Commercial property
    Thank you Phillip. I was quite overwhelmed yesterday once I heard it had settled. Thank you so much, your patience and professionalism (and not giving up on me) is greatly appreciated. May 2017
  • Mrs W, Little Hartley
    Thank you so much Mr Champion. Zillion of thanks to you that you made all this possible. You have been awesome. We have recommended your service to friends who are as mad as us increasing their mortgage and shortening their lifespan!
  • Mr & Mrs MB, Katoomba
    Thank you so very much, we were beginning to feel quite disheartened by the whole process so really appreciate your willingness to spend the time with us. We will be using your service regardless, you've already been fantastic.
  • Ms MC, Katoomba
    Thank you Phillip you are my knight in shining armour!
  • Mrs D, Katoomba
    Thank you for facilitating the finance I owe you a huge hug!
  • Mr & Mrs W, Wentworth Falls NSW
    Case Study Mr & Mrs W of Wentworth Falls had their mortgage with a major bank from which they were unable to access additional funds to renovate their home. We were able to refinance their loan, consolidate a credit card debt and enable them to obtain $50,000 additional funds all at a much lower interest rate than their previous loan. The end result was Mr & Mrs W’s overall repayments reduced significantly and they are now able to undertake the home improvements they want with the additional funds. Mr & Mrs W said “Phillip took the time to understand our needs and our situation and worked hard to come up with a great solution for us. He kept us informed at every step, his communication was clear and open and he delivered an outcome we really wanted but weren’t sure we could achieve at the outset. We also learned a lot in the process - not least the value of a good finance broker!”
  • Mr & Mrs D, Blackheath
    Mr & Mrs D of Blackheath wanted to buy a some rural acreage for some time. As can sometimes happen, they saw a property, fell in love with it and bought it at auction the next day! With big dreams, they sought my advice on how to finance the purchase. We were able to find a solution to use the equity in their existing home to achieve their dreams at a lower interest rate with their existing bank. Mr & Mrs D said "Thank you, you made it easy for us to buy our farm!"
  • Here's what others are saying...
    "Thank you so very much none of it would have happened if we didn’t have you helping us with it all" (Mr & Mrs B, Lithgow November 2016) "Hi Phillip we both want to say a very big thank you for everything you did for us with the refinance" (Mr & Ms W, Wentworth Falls December 2016 "Oh Phillip thank you so very much! You’re the best!" (Mr J, Central Coast February 2017) "Thank you Phillip for all your help with our home loan. And yes it all begins today. Our sincerest thanks you have helped make a huge difference in our lives" (Mr & Mrs T, Blackheath March 2017)
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