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I have over 35 years experience in residential, commercial and business finance, combined with access to over 30 financiers (including all major banks). The combination of my years experience and a wide range of lenders, means I am uniquely placed to arrange the finance that meets my clients’ individual requirements.

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    Investment loan changes

    Recent changes to investment finance have been significant and are impacting people's borrowing capacity and the cost of finance.

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    To sell via auction or another means

    The method of sale is a question that all vendors must consider when placing their property on the market. Strangely, not all agents present auction as possible sales method. Some will promote only private treaty, some private treaty and sale by “best offer”, but few agent actually present all options.

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    The pros and cons of honeymoon home loan rates

    Honeymoon interest rates on a home loan can be appealing to borrowers as lenders compete for their business. However, often times little is actually known about what honeymoon rates are, how they benefit and if they’re the right fit for a borrower.