About Us

Located in Welshpool, we are a family owned and run business. Sharon and Balpreet Bal previously worked as a Project Manager in Oil and Gas and Accountant respectively. We both come from very customer centric environments. We are a like-minded couple who are continually striving to achieve exceptional customer service.

We were both inspired to become Finance Brokers, after hearing some not-so-pleasant stories that their friends and family experienced whilst obtaining loans. We both wanted to both make a difference.

After the birth of our daughter, Sharon started with Loan Market in 2014. Being a broker created an opportunity for a balanced work and home life. Sharon took this opportunity with both hands which in turn contributed to her rapid success. We complement each other and work as a team to get the desired outcomes. We recently moved to a new location keeping an eye for growth.

What sets us apart from other brokers

“Treat clients the way you want to be treated” and you will be successful. First rate customer service is our priority.

The backbone of our business is notable customer service and personable qualities. We educate our clients and guide them towards the right product for them after understanding their needs and financial positions. This exceptional customer service has led to many client referrals, which is something we are both very proud of.

We look forward to receiving customer feedback as it assists us with continuously improving our processes. We have two full time customer service managers who look after our clients during their transaction and after settlement as well.

In recognition of her work, Sharon has won and been nominated for industry awards on a number of occasions.

Industry Awards

  • Finalist - MPA Young Gun 2015-2016
  • Finalist - MFAA Young Professional
  • Finalist - ABA Newcomer of the year
  • Finalist - Better Business Awards – Best Residential Broker

Loan Market Awards

  • 2016 - No. 1 Loan Market Broker in Western Australia (based on receipted settlements)
  • 2016 - No. 22 Loan Market Broker internationally based on settled commission.
  • 2016 - No. 5 in NPS score internationally and No.1 in Western Australia, announced at the recent Customer Service Awards, based on an NPS score of 94.
  • 2016 - Loan Market Platinum Customer Service Award