Mortgage broker in Shellharbour and beyond

At Loan Market in Shellharbour we offer mortgage solutions for owner-occupiers and investors in Shellharbour, Barrack Heights, Flinders and beyond.

We cater for all market segments, adding particular value to self-employed borrowers. As specialised mortgage brokers we also work with a growing number of business clients and can help you meet your business and commercial finance needs.

We have an extensive lender panel and with our detailed product knowledge can help you select from a wide range of ‘full doc’, ‘low doc’ and even ‘no doc’ home loans.


  • Matthew Wells, Solicitor, NSW
    Thank you Lee, I really appreciate the advice and assistance you have provided throughout this process. I would not hesitate in referring clients, family and friends to you.
  • Tamara Blythman, Recruitment Consultant, NSW
    I just wanted to let you know that I’m settling into life at Cronulla in my new unit. Going for a walk each morning along the Esplanade is very good for the soul – I love being close to the water. Being ‘transplanted’ is never easy – still waiting on my land line and home internet, living off concrete floors after having the carpet removed and still rearranging furniture because I keep changing my mind. The cat has reappeared after crawling into the built in wardrobe for 2 days and not eating – she’s finally accepted that we’re here for good and is returning to her normal social self. Thanks again for making my dream a reality!
  • Melanie Barton, Chartered Accountant, Shellharbour, NSW
    Over the past two years I have refereed numerous clients to Lee, each with varying finance needs and at times challenging scenarios. On each occasion I have found Lee’s service to be professional and efficient. I am confident that due to Lee’s experience and knowledge of the lending environment that “the best” outcome is achieved for my clients each and every time. Given this I would recommend Lee to anyone requiring finance solutions.
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Latest News

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    First Home Owner Grants

    ​First home buyers are the biggest winners in today’s market.

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    Guarantor Loan Applications

    ​The concept of a guarantor attached to a loan application can be daunting for both the borrower and guarantor but hopefully this articles simplifies some of the concepts and takes away some of the fear for all parties involved.

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    Investment lending is changing

    A topic that has been discussed for many, many years is around the purchase of real estate to assist with long term investment goals and over time we have seen real estate as the investment vehicle of choice for many Mum and Dad investors. This is often due to the “bricks and mortar” nature of real estate compared with other investment like equities, commodities or managed funds. Businesses have been built around educating Mum’s and Dad’s on “how to” seminars but we may be seeing regulators step in to slow this part of the market.