Beyond Bank - VOI

Your requirements around face to face interviews of clients and what alternatives are acceptable to you. 

  • The Broker does not need to interview the client face to face (excluding the identification process)

The Broker is ultimately responsible for the accuracy of information provided to Beyond Bank Australia. Original supporting documentation, or computer-generated copies in the case of payslips or bank statements, must be sighted as part of the verification processes. The person sighting original documents must retain a copy of each document on the loan application file and certify by their signature on each copy that the original has been sighted.

Your policies around a broker sighting and verifying clients Identification and loan application support documentation.

  • An Accredited Broker with Beyond Bank Australia must carry out the verification of the client and complete the Certification of Original Documents form which contains the below certifier statement:

I have examined the original identification documents listed below and have endorsed each copy of the identification document in the following manner: ‘This is to certify that this is a true copy of the original document which I have sighted.’

They must complete this face to face. Skype is acceptable. This includes Guarantors.

There are other categories of acceptable certifiers should an Accredited Broker not be able to complete this face to face verification e.g. a JP.

VOI currently needs to be completed by the broker, a Beyond Bank branch or the post office.

We can now accept electronic signatures on our upfront forms if they have been completed via DocuSign or an equivalent. We cannot accept a form signed with Microsoft Paint or similar.