Game Plan now used for multi-loans.

Replacing the CPA on multi-loans from January 1.

This means that from January 1, the 'generate multi-loan CPA' button will be be removed in MyCRM. The Game Plan ensures you're BID-safe, and offers a better experience for customers applying for multiple loans, with one less document for them to sign.

In line with The Loan Market Way, the Game Plan has now replaced the CPA/CQP in MyCRM, tying your; 

  • clients’ goals, 
  • their preferences, 
  • your recommendation (and why),
  • the options you considered, 
  • your research, and more into one schmick document!

Access the Game Plan in the clients' loan application in MyCRM 

It's Loan Market and BYOB friendly, and will pull BYOB brand colours automatically.

Wow your clients with the professional, clean designed PDF that clearly plays back the details of their loan application and product recommendations. 

Need help? Contact your Broker Success Manager.

Plus, it’s eSign friendly, so once you’ve presented the document your client can eSign it by following the prompts. They will then receive a digital receipt (with your record in MyCRM) so you can proceed with the loan application.

How to use the Game Plan with eSign.

The Game Plan shows evidence that you've ticked all the BID-boxes including;

  • Up to five options (minimum 3) you considered for your customer,
  • Your recommendation and your rationale for why your recommendation meets the client’s best interest
  • Confirms borrowing capacity, product features, turnaround times, interest rates and more!