3 new changes to Stay In Touch

Stay in Touch is your BID-Bundle tool that automatically keeps you in contact with your customers post-settlement. Over 60% of our network are using Stay in Touch already, but we wanted to make the program even better and after collecting and understanding feedback from you, we’ve made some changes.

3 changes to Stay In Touch are:

1. We’ve removed the 15 months, 18 months and 21 months emails from the campaign because sometimes less is more.

2. Tweaked the content in the 6 week, 3 month and 6 month emails so we are not being specific on the additional services that you provide. Leaving it open for you to have those conversations.

3. And, you’ll get heads up the day before it’s your clients birthday 

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CHANGE 1: Simplify the content.

Feedback from the network has told us that we needed to communicate less with your clients so we’ve removed the following emails from the Stay in Touch campaign:

  • 15 months email (Check in car, renovation personal loan)
  • 18 months email (Save on your home bills - Home Now)
  • 21 months email (Check in on goals, book an appointment)

CHANGE 2: Not so specific. 

We have also tweaked some of the content so you can The changes were influenced by broker feedback and mean that we’re not being so specific about the additional services a broker can provide (e.g. 3 months used to be Wealth Market focused, now it’s more generic)

Check out the new emails here:

CHANGE 3: Birthday reminder.

We want to give you plenty of notice to celebrate your clients birthdays, so we’ve turned on a Happy Birthday notification one-day before the customer receives the email (rather than the same day). So get those SMS birthday gifs ready!


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