Charging fee policy

What is it?

Where you intend to charge a fee for your services to a client 


Loan Market typically inhibits charging customers a fee and will only allow upfront fees to be charged to clients in certain circumstances. 

In order to charge a fee, these requests always have to be considered and approved by compliance, regardless of their nature.

These circumstances will typically relate to situations where:

  • You're providing assistance to a consumer for a short term loan (for example bridging finance)
  • Complex scenarios such as those involving multiple entities / company structures / trusts, non natural-person

The following will not be considered:

  • Clawback reimbursement (prohibited by law)
  • Cost recovery - Disbursement fee (prohibited by LMG)

How / Process:

  • You must provide a quote document to the client(s) that stipulates the proposed fee.  
  • This quote needs to be provided prior to credit assistance being provided - as such this should be given to your client at the same time as the Hello Pack and no later than the Game Plan
  • The client(s) must sign a copy of the quote and a copy must be saved within My CRM
  • All fee invoices are requested through LMG Corporate - you cannot request or demand payment directly or before credit assistance has been provided.  
  • All fees must be reviewed and approved by Compliance by emailing

Debt Management Services (DMS):

You are prohibited, under law, to charge a fee for debt management services unless you hold an Australian Credit Licence for debt management services or are appointed as a credit representative under a licensee who holds such a licence.

The Loan Market Group Australian Credit Licences will not be varied to include DMS and therefore no credit representative of those licences will be able to charge a fee for DMS. For more information on Debt Management Services, see the policy here.

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