Collection of customer information and privacy

Personal Information is governed by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) which can be accessed via the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s website. You should familiarise yourself with the APPs and ensure you comply with them.

Privacy Consent 

Loan Market has its own Privacy Consent which allows you to handle your client’s personal, financial and credit information. You must have this consent completed in addition to any consent required by the chosen lender, as the lender’s form will usually only enable dealing with credit and personal information by the lender. 

This Privacy Consent can be provided to the client via the Online Fact Find or a standalone Privacy Disclosure and Consent form and should be completed at the time of collecting personal information from the client. In doing so, you ensure your clients are notified at the time of collecting their personal information: 

● what type of personal information is being collected; 

● who that personal information will be disclosed to; and 

● how we and you use that personal information. 

The Privacy Consent must be completed prior to accessing a credit report (allowing you to be an ‘Access Seeker’ on your client’s behalf).

Additional privacy information to keep you safe (including for BYOB and ACL Holders)

ACL holders, BYOB businesses and Loan Market franchises should have a full privacy policy available. This should also be accessible via your website and social media platforms. Loan Market compliance can provide support in relation to questions on this.

Emails should always contain a link to the full privacy policy as well as an opt out functionality if the email relates to marketing services. 

You can see Loan Market’s full privacy policy at

For more information please email