Updates to Tasks and Credit Checks!

See the enhancements in action below. 

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve redesigned the Tasks section within MyCRM to make it easier for you to complete tasks. 

The new tried and tested design, (seriously, we’ve been working with brokers on this for months), now features better use of space to show you everything you need to see to keep on top of your task list, plus:

  • Tasks now work with a Deal
  • Shows lenders making it easier for CSMs
  • Allows you to choose how many tasks you want to show per page
  • Gives you the freedom to pick which data is important to you in the columns

We know that each scenario is different, so we’ve replaced the static loan amount in the Credit Check modal to now include:

  • Account Type
  • Amount 

This small (but handy) enhancement will mean the information can be submitted as part of the Credit Checks request, resulting in a more tailored response back to your client from Equifax. This will potentially provide a more accurate credit check for your customers.