Department Closures Dates

MyCRM Support and Customer Care 

20 - 23 December -Full team (8am - 7pm)

24 December - Full team (8am - 3pm)

25 - 28 December - Closed

29 - 31 December - Skeleton Staff (9am - 5pm)

3 January - Closed 

4 - 7 January - Full Team (9am-5pm)


Please note that will be closed from Friday, 24 December and will reopen on Monday, 10 January. If you have any urgent requests please send these through early so we can assist you before the closing date.

Risk and Compliance 

The Risk and Compliance team won’t be available on the public holidays; 28, 29 December and 3 January.

Skeleton staff will be available to assist with any enquiries through the Compliance inbox between 29 - 31 December. As such, responses may be delayed.


24 December - Operating in the AM only.

27 - 28 December - CLOSED

29 -30 December - Business as usual 

31 December - Operating in the AM only.

3 January - CLOSED

Note: No onshore operations from COB 22 December until 4 January.


Over the Christmas period the commission payment runs change slightly. So you don't miss a thing during the silly season please see below.

  • Payment Runs 2 & 3 will be combined and paid on: 
    • Thursday, 23 December 2021

The Direct Debits for fees from your nominated credit card or bank account will also be processed on Thursday, 23 December 2021 to coincide with your commission payment.

Any lenders that miss upcoming payment run 2 & 3 will be paid in Run 1 on Wednesday, 12 January 2022. This will include all outstanding Upfront & Trail commission not received in time to process in December.
To avoid any potential delays to your payments we ask that you ensure your loan data entry is complete in MyCRM. Hint: specifically, that the loan has been set to settled in the Loan Information section under Important dates.